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CIN Universe - Digital Marketing Agency

CIN is a joyous celebration of human creativity. We are a group of hand-picked, like-minded professionals who have come together to make the ultimate creative team. Each of us is a game-changing expert in our respective areas. Together, we are CIN. We help clients harness the magic of social media, develop a domineering web presence, generate leads, grow brands and straight-up design their products, processes and projects as needed.

Why Choose Us



Guaranteed Revenue or your Money Back

Tired of getting everything except revenue? Most vendors who give you reach, engagement, promises, likes and efforts but no revenue but we stand behind our services and guarantee realistic revenue or your money back.

24/7 Customer Care

Are you an early morning bird or late night owl? At CIN, we are available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We understand that business never stops and creative ideas and calamities can happen anytime.



Responsive Relationship Manager

Are you trying to reach your client manager for decades but not getting a proper response? No worries, CIN has heard your prayers. As a CIN client, you will be assigned a responsive “Super Man (ager)” who will reach out to you faster than Superman.


    Websites are vital. They are fundamental to a good social media game and the absence of a website leads to immediate disqualification in the minds of many potential clients, employees, investors, partners and vendors.


    Human creativity is infinite. At CIN, we use our creativity to provide genius solutions to our client’s problems and ambitions. We design graphics, messages, processes and even business models to help our clients move their brand forward.


    Influencers are the new market leaders. They have long lists of loyal followers and a single post from them can change market position or share price. At CIN, we know how to play the influencer game to benefit our clients.


    Internet advertising has become very advanced. At CIN, we use mathematic models to determine the best and cheapest way to drive traffic to your website and revenue to your brand using Google Adwords and other market products.


    The internet is getting personal. Now, we can customize what your visitors see and how they interact with you using cookies and other data from their history or last visit. This is key to capturing and retaining loyal customers with great experiences.


    Revenue is proof. At CIN, we get results and take full responsibility for our work. We show our customers how to increase their revenue and manage their marketing to ensure that they maximize revenue generated and profit earned.


    Search engines are key. If your website or web content does not show up on the first or second page of search engines, it may as well not exist. Getting on the first page is tricky and requires an understanding of how things work.


    Social Media has trumped all other media. Starting an account is easy but going viral and using the technology to meet goals is way harder than it looks. To optimize your social media, you need a partner or agency. Like CIN.


    What are people saying about you? Serious companies review and manage their online reputation and reviews on a daily basis. At CIN, we have advanced techniques to ensure that your brand is always treated right.

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